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Indiana Radio Manufacturers           

Indiana Radio Manufactures are listed by manufacturer and location.. 

 Manufactures are listed with verification of existence through the Radio Trade Directory, magazine ad(s), or a radio in a collection.
Select BLUE high-lighted manufacturer's for picture verification. 
Picture credits: Indiana Historical Radio Society members; plasticradios.com; and indianaradios.com

 Indiana Radio Manufacturers – 1920’s

   COMPANY                                        Model or brand name            

Aladdin Manufacturing Company                       “Aladyne”                    
602 E. 18th St., Muncie 

Allison-Pickett Company                                    “Apcodyne”
106 South 7th St., Terre Haute

 American Apparatus Company                          “Amaco”                    
30 North 19th St., Richmond

 American Radio Company                                 “American”

 Amplex                                                             “Amplex”                    
South Bend

 Anylight Electric Company                                 “King Cole”               
1418 Wall St., Ft Wayne                                    “Everyhome”               

 Argyle                                                              “Argyle”

 Better Radio Products                                       “Melody”                     
2525 S. Walnut St., Muncie

 Cardinola Radio Corporation                              “Cardinola”                  
339 North Capital Ave., Indianapolis

 Circulex Radio Corporation                                “?”                              
217, 230 East Ohio St., Indianapolis

 Colin B. Kennedy                                              “Kennedy Royal”                     
South Bend                                                      

 Continental Radio Corporation    (Slagle)             “Star Raider”               
Fort Wayne

 Diamond T Manufacture                                    “Diamond T”               
526 North Niles St., and                                                                        
615 Crescent St., South Bend

Eisenhour, L. J. Manufactures                            “Vizo”
213 East South St., Indianapolis

 Electric Machine Corporation                             “ELMCO”                   
529 North Capital Ave., Indianapolis                                                      

 Evansville Radio Laboratory                               “EV-RA-LAB”            
1103 South Third St., Evansville

 Everyhome Radio Company (Anylite Company?)                                 
Fort Wayne

Guerrier Radio Corporation                                     “?”
Fort Wayne

 Hammond Radio and Supply Company                   “?”                          

 Hatfield Electric Company                                 “Hatfield”
102, 104 South Meridian Ave., Indianapolis

 Hiday Electric Company                                    “Handcock”
209 Main St., Fortville

 Imperial Electric Company                                 “Le Pilote”
201 South Colombia St., Union City

 Indiana Manufacturing Company                        “Hyperdyne”              
530 Case Bldg., Marion                                     “Case”                        

 Kennedy  (1929)                                               “Kennedy”
South Bend                  

 Laurel Motors Company                                    “Sinclar”
5th and Sycamore St., Anderson                        

 Lyradion Manufacturing Company                      “Lyradion”                   
North Main and East Front St., Mishawaka

 Midland Electric Manufacturing Company           “Midland RF”               
107 South Capital, Indianapolis                           “Night Owl”

 Nicholson Experimental Laboratories                  “Nicholson”                 
New Augusta

 Okay Radio Corporation                                    “Okay”                        
1/2 West National Ave., Brazil                                                              

 Queen Quality Radio Corporation                       “Queen Quality”                       
12 Pine, Evansville

 Seiffert Radio Apparatus

 Showers Brothers Furniture Company                “Showers”    “Future”                
601 Morton St., Bloomington                            

 Skylark Radio Corporation                                 “Skylark”
Division of J. W. Whitlock Company
Rising Sun

 Slagle Radio Company   (Continental)                 “Slagle”                      
530 Masterson Ave., Fort Wayne                                                          

 Starr Piano Company                                         “Starr”                         
1st and A Street, Richmond                                Radio/Phono

 Steinite  (1929)                                                  “Steinite”
Fort Wayne, Auburn

 Thomas and Simmerman                                        “?”                          
221 Spencer Ave., Marion

 Tilman Radio Corporation                                  “Tilman”     “Challenger”                 
Wabash  (Manufactured in Largo)                     

  United Radio and Manufacturing Company             “?”                          

 Washburn Burner Corporation                            “Washburn Burner”
303 North Buckeye, Kokomo

 Wasmuth – Goodrich Company                           “?”                             
Peru                                                                 Radio/Phono

 Radio Horn & Cone Speakers – 1920’s

Bremerman Bros Manufacturing                        “Orchestrion Deluxe”    “Orchestrion Cone” mantle
The Radio Cabinet Company, Indianapolis

 Radio Cabinet Company                                    “Autocrat”  Mantle Horn
New Castle

Platter Cabinet Company                                   “PUROPOWER”  Mantle Horn
North Vernon

 Radio Parts – 1920’s

Carleton Sanders                                               “Ensign”

 Heslar Radio Corporation           (Headphones)                              


 Indiana Radio Manufacturers – 1930’s

Arvin   Noblitt-Sparks Industries                           “Arvin”                         Columbus                                                          “Rhythm Baby”            

Caphart Corporation                                          “Junior”                       
Fort Wayne                                                       “Combinaire”               

Case                                                               "Case"

Cage Corporation                                              “Victory”  "Victory Midget"                   
17th and Gent Street, Indianapolis

Delco Radio                                                                                         
Division of G.M Corporation

 De Pree Sales Company                                    “Wren”   “Lark”
Patent Development Company                         
South Bend                                                                  

Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation        “Farnsworth”               
Fort Wayne                                                                           

 French, Jesse Manufacturing Company               “Tudette”,  “Devon”  “Tudor”
Jesse French, Newcastle                                  

Kingston Radio                                                  “Kingston”                  

 Magnavox Company
2131 South Bueter Rd, Fort Wayne                                                                               

 Service Electric Company                                  “Black”,  “Cresta”
Indianapolis                                                       “Rodeo”

U.S. Radio                                                        Gloritone, APEX, US Radio                               Marion                                                                                                 

 Wilson Radio Corporation                                  “Wilson”                                  

 Radio Parts – 1930’s

Mallory, P. R.  Indianapolis

 Radio Corporation Of America  Indianapolis, Bloomington

 Indiana Radio Manufacturers – 1940’s

Electronic Labs                                              “Orthosonic”                
Electronic Laboratories Inc.                                                                  
122 West New York Street, Indianapolis

 John Meck Industries                                     “Meck”, “Lee”             
Plymouth                                                      “Deluxe”, MirrorTone   

 Trav-Ler Radio & Television Corp.                    “Trav-Ler”                  
Manufacturing in Bedford and Orleans
Corporate Office in Chicago

 Indiana Radio Manufacturers – Post 1950

Stark Sound Engineering                                    “Stark”
2131 Fairfield Avenue
Ft. Wayne

 Audio Industries                                                “Ultratone”
Michigan Industries

 Bearcat                                                            “Bearcat”

 I.D.E.A.                                                           “Regency”                   

 Midland Electric Company                                 “Midland”

 Patrick Research & Development Lab               “Pa-Tronic”

 Radio Apparatus Corporation                             “MonitoRadio”  “PolicAlarm”
7900 Pendleton Pike (55 North New Jersey St) Indianapolis

 Sarkes Tarzian                                                  “FM Deluxe”                             
E Hillside Dr., Bloomington

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