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Indiana radio


Links to IHRS Member Sites:
- Plastic Radios
- Early Television
- Indiana Radios (plus)
- John & Jeans Old Radios
- Totally Tubular Radio
- Jeremy's Antique Radios

- Camden Antique
    Radio Service
- Philco Radio History

    Reference, and Repair
- Test Equipment History
    and Radio Repair

- Retrotechnologist Writings
   on radio and vintage miscellany.

- Steve Ewbank's Antique Radios


Other popular 
 historical radio sites:

- Antique Wireless Association
- Antique Radio Classified
The above provides links to many
other radio sites.

Regional vintage radio and
television events.   

- Michigan Antique Radio Club
- Antique Radio Club of Illinois
Central Ohio Antique Radio
     Association COARA

- Early Television Convention, Ohio  
- Radiorama, Ohio, Kentucky




The Indiana Historical Radio Society
2017 Meeting Schedule



The IHRS welcomes the Hoosier Antique Phonograph Society
to participate in all of the IHRS meets. 


General admission for all four 2017 IHRS meets is free. 


For 2017 the "Swap N Sell" charge for IHRS members
is $10.00 per space. 
The charge for non-IHRS members is $15.00 per space.


Saturday IHRS Meets officially start at 8:00AM
with most of the activity completed by noon. 
If you are new to our Vintage Radio Meets, arrive early! 


The IHRS Spring Meet begins on Friday
with an official start time of 4PM. 

The meet resumes on Saturday at 8AM.




IHRS Winter Meet Lawrence Park
Saturday March 4, 2017 - 8AM to 11AM
at the Lawrence Park
Community Center - City of Lawrence

5301 N. Franklin Road (north east Indianapolis)






IHRS Spring Meet - Kokomo

May 5 and 6, 2017    
Friday 4PM - 7PM & Saturday 8AM to ~ 1PM
46th Annual Indiana Historical Radio Society
and Antique Wireless Association









IHRS Summer Meet Cool Creek Park, Carmel
Saturday, August 12, 2017
- 8AM to 11AM
Cool Creek Park Nature Center, Carmel
2000 East 151st Street, Carmel


 8AM to 11AM

The Cool Creek Nature Center is located East of US 31
and North of 151st Street in Carmel. 
- From East 146th Street go north on East Greyhound Pass
to Cool Creek Park Road. Cross 151st Street
into Cool Creek Park.
- From East 161st Street go south on Westfield Blvd. to the
Cool Creek Park entrance.




IHRS Fall Foliage Meet at Greenfield
October 14, 2017 - Saturday - 8AM to 12 noon
at the Riley Park Shelter, Greenfield, Indiana. 
(One block north of US40 on Apple Street.) 


Indoor and outdoor setup space for Radio Swap & Sell.
Bring a radio for display.  Your latest find! 
Your recent restoration!





Longing for a "Vintage Radio" fix? 

Support the regional meets in

Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan!





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