A picture folio of
Indiana radio


Links to IHRS Member Sites:
    at "Preserving Arvin "
- Plastic Radios
- Early Television
- Indiana Radios (plus)
- John & Jeans Old Radios
- Totally Tubular Radio
- Jeremy's Antique Radios

- Camden Antique
    Radio Service
- Philco Radio History

    Reference, and Repair
- Test Equipment History
    and Radio Repair

- Retrotechnologist Writings
  on radio and vintage miscellany.


Other popular
 historical radio sites:

- Antique Wireless Association
- Antique Radio Classified
Mid Atlantic Antique Radio Club
The above provides links to many
other radio sites.

Regional vintage radio and
television events.   

- Michigan Antique Radio Club
- Antique Radio Club of Illinois
Central Ohio Antique Radio
     Association COARA

- Early Television Convention, Ohio  
- Radiorama, Ohio, Kentucky




UPDATED JULY 14, 2023!


Donated equipment not sold will be removed by the owner of the equipment. The sale dollars will be collected immediately following the donation auction.  Owners of radios in the consignment auction will register the item(s) to be sold.  When sold to the highest bidder, the money will be collected by the IHRS Treasurer.  10% of the sale will benefit the IHRS.  The dollar amount of the sale, minus 10%, will be sent the seller within two months by way of an IHRS check.


The IHRS welcomes the Hoosier Antique Phonograph Society to participate in all of the IHRS meets. 


Check the current IHRS Bulletin for admission and seller
fees for each meet.


Saturday IHRS Meets start at 8:00AM
with 7AM to 8AM as setup time unless otherwise posted.

Most of the activity is usually completed by noon. 
If you are new to our Vintage Radio Meets, arrive early! 



Longing for a "Vintage Radio" fix?

Support the regional meets in

Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan!





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