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December 2015
Your Presidents Keyboard (Radio Displays and Crosley) - Dave Mantor
The HOward Rado Model 256 Restoration - Edward Dupart
DIY Vintage Two Transistor Receiver Project
Regency XR-2A and Japanese Two Transisor Radios - Edward Dupart


September 2015
From Your Presidents Keyboard - Dave Mantor
A Kodel Goldstar - Edward Dupart;  Isofarad Battery Set - Michael Feldt
A Majestic 130 - Bill Morris; A Detrola (Monarch) - Edward Dupart
1928 RCA 811T - Michael Feldt
The Multivalve Baby Emerson - Bob Sands
Superior Tube Tester TW-11, Bad Transformer - Edward Dupart


June 2015
the Presidents Keyboard (A BC-610i) - Dave Mantor
Plant "A" Radio Restoration- Jeremy Shotter
A "DIY" Recycled Crystal Receiver - Edward Dupart


March 2015

the Presidents Keyboard (WA0MMZ) - Dave Mantor
The RCA 8T an 8K - Edward Dupart
Trav-Ler Radio Corporation (captioned picture) - editor

December 2014
1926 "Radio News" Programs
Popular Vote Contest, Greenfield "Portable Tube Radios"
Majestic 161 Restoration - Peter Konshak



September 2014
Your President's Keyboard- Dave Mantor
1940 RCA Radio Restoration - Wayne Newhart
A Very Simple Diode Radio - Wayne Newhart


July 2014
Stand By!  -  Andrew Ooms
Delco R-1129 - A Restoration Project -Jeremy Schotter
IHRS 2014 Spring Meet Contest - Marconiphone V-2,
Melo-Heald SuperHet, DIY OneTube Radios


March 2014
From Your President - Dave Mantor
the Yaczer's, Radio Active In Warren Woods - D Corrigan
Radio! Radio! and Listening In - Fred Prohl
The Golden Age Of Radio - Alden Chester
The Junk Box One Tube Radio - Ed Dupart
We Remember - William Quick Jr. and Charles Stinger


December 2013

A Few Words From Dave's Speaker - Dave Mantor
Your Vintage Radio Display at the Library - Ed Dupart
Gilbert Toys Circus Car - George & Edna Clamans


September 2013
From Your President (Dave's Service Bench) - Dave Mantor
DIY One Tube Set - 1957 Science and Mechanics
The Voice Of America - Bob Sands
Build A One Tube Receiver - A Contest
A Portable Victoreen Superheterodyne - Gray's Museum
Build A One Tube Receiver - The Country Gentleman - 1924
A Perryman Tube Advertising Display - Fred Prohl

June 2013
From Your President (Dave's Service Bench) - Dave Mantor
How An Arvin Radio Is Born - Noblitt Sparks
The Zenith 2000 and the Holland Transistor - Ed Dupart
Rare Transistors On Display - Ed Dupart
Auction - Walt Sanders Collection
The Eclectic Electric Display - Kokomo 2013
"Vee Jay - A "Traces" Review - Fred Prohl

March 2013

The Half-Wave Power Supply - Ed Dupart
Dave's Service Bench - Dave Mantor
Clough Brengle - J.D. Leach
Dial Lens Reproduction - Herman Gross
Clough-Brengle Picture page

December 2012
Dave's Service Bench - Dave Mantor
Honomu Radio Service - Fred Prohl
A Radio Candy Box For Ruth - Fred Prohl
Restoring a Zenith 6G501 - Bob Pote
Radio With No Schematics, No Capacitor Values, What Do I Use? - Ed Dupart
The Mystic Radio Bug - Bob White


September 2012
The TRF Receiver - Ed Dupart
Radio Display, Vigo County Museum - M Day, F Prohl
IHRS at Radiofest 2012 - Fred Prohl
Dave's Service Bench - Dave Mantor
Ed's Tech Tip - Tuning Eye, No-Go - Ed Dupart


July 2012
Dave's Service Bench - Dave Mantor
Indiana Radio On The Farm - Indiana Farmer's Guide
Contest Radios: World's Fair Crosley - Victoreen, Orchestrion, Areoloop - Wireless Equipment
The Meck 5B5 Farm Radio - Fred Prohl


March 2012
Wireless" and the Titanic - Editor
Dave's Service Bench - Dave Mantor
New Backs for Radios - Herman Gross
Regenerative Radios - Ed Dupart
Private Brand Radios - March 1984 Jim Fred reprint


December 2011
Crystal Radios, History and Construction - Ed Dupart
1923 - A Thirteen Year-old Logs WLK - Fred Prohl
WLK - A 1923 News Article (1983 Bulletin reprint) - Ed Taylor
Say Something About Your Contest Radio (Shenandoah Five, Crosley 52<
      AK 82Q, Motorola 60X2, and a Wilcox Gay A15) - editor

September 2011
Harold Stark, Master Steam Engineer - editor
Emerson U5A model 110, Restoration - Ed Dupart
Aunt Sammy Radio Recipes - Revisited - Edna Clemans
Say Something About Your Contest Radio (Airline 93BR-462A, a one tube AK,
      RCA 4-T, and an AK 4700) - editor
the Morrison Quick Tube Checker - ad

June 2011
Spring Meet Vintage Radio Tech Talk - Ed Dupart
DX'n the IHRS Fortieth Anniversary Diode Radio - editor
1920's 30's Radio Personality "Tony's Scrapbook"  Fred Prohl
Eclectic Electric Display - Kokomo 2011 - pics, Ed Dupart
The Remler 1920 Infra-Dyne (a portrait) Michael Feldt

March 2011

The Indiana Historical Radio Society
the "Celebrating Forty Years"   Diode Radio


December 2010
IHRS Members at Major Radio Events - Editor
Indiana Radio and the Indiana State Museum - Fred Prohl
More on Harry Martin - Brownfield Hall of Fame
IHRS and AWA - Museum Funding
1925 DXing "Picked Up out of the Air" Shortridge HS

September 2010
Restoration of a Westinghouse WR-334 - Jeremy Schotter
Restoration of an Emerson DL330 - Edward Dupart
Arvin Metal Radio 1939-1954 - Larry Ruble and Fred Prohl
Cure for a "Staticy" Radio - Herman Gross


June 2010
Grandpa's New Radio - Herman Gross
The $1 Basket Case Zenith 6D-512 - Edward Dupart
A Restored Grunow - Lou Dvorak


March 2010
The Abe Martin Radio Show - Fred Prohl
Converter Stages in Zenith TO's and Philcos - Ed Dupart
A Solid State Solution for the 1L6 - John Foell
Fifties Radio: From Golden Age to Rock n' Roll - Andy Ooms
Ed's Tech Tip "Rusted Screw"

December 2009
Fifties Radio: From Golden Ave to Rock n' Roll - Andy Ooms
Latex Paint and Plastic Radios - Edward Depart
The Sonomatic SW Radio, a Followup - Dave Poland
Ruth Lyons - A WLW 1948 Calendar


September 2009
Zenith TO 8G005YT (Outfitting It With Batteries) - Ed Dupart
Radio Speakers Narratives - A Book Review - Andy Ooms
Columbus Summer Meet - Picures
A Buick Super Sonomatic Radio (and WWII) - Fred Prohl
Three Arvin 50's - 60's Radios - Steven Ewbank
 Arvin Radio - 1957 Transistor "Pixie" 9755 - Larry Ruble

June 2009
Cardinola - Founders Award - Spring Meet  - Michael Feldt
Restoring a Philco 38-116 - Jeremy Schotter
The Long and Short of Listening to Antique Radios - Andy Ooms
Telegraph Display - Gary Tidler


March 2009
The "Basket Case" GE M40 - Ed Dupart
Radio and Other Elements of Our History - Andy Ooms
Walt Sanders Memorial - Fred Prohl
My Zenith 4V31 - Bill Arnold
  Elbow Macaroni, Spaghetti and Heathkit - Ed Dupart
  Regency - A special TR-1 - Judy Gable

December 2008
Sentinel 63B - A Restoration - Ed Dupart
Making Airwaves: A Review - Andy Ooms
Steve Renner - Neon Bender
Remembering Jim Fred
The Kingston Radio Story - Jim Fred

September 2008
Nard's Radionics, Farm Radios, part 2 - Andy Ooms
Give Me That 'Ol Time Internet - Tim McCormick
IEEE 100 Years - Fort Wayne - Editor
The Unknown Detrola - Let's Give It A Chassis Number - Ed Dupart


June 2008
Airline 62-305 Farm Radio Restoration - Ed Dupart
Nard's Radionics, Farm Radios (and Other Musings) - Andy Ooms
The Way I See It - Bill Arnold
Apex 7A - A correction - Editor
Survivor Radio - Model 40A Arvinet, Fred Prohl

March 2008
Radio Lore of Yore (Alexanderson) - Ed Taylor
Historical Shortwave Radios - Andy Ooms
Verified Reception Stamps - Fred Prohl
READO Facsimile - Charlie Stinger
 An Apex 7A Restoration - Ed Dupart
                         A Delco Basket Case Survivor - Jeremy Schotter

December 2007
Passing of a Legend; "Bob Sievers" - John Foell
Restoring a Crosley Travette Moderne - Peter Konshak
What Do You Do? a Zenith 1000A - Steve Geary
Have You Read? "The Wizard of Menlo Park" - Ed Taylor
Radio Youth - Andy Ooms


September 2007
Lincoln and the IHRS Museum - editor
My Zenith 4-B 31 - Bill Arnold
The Victorian Internet - review, Ed Taylor
Color TV in Sixty-Three?


June 2007
Silent Words Haunt Radio Museum, Joyce Grismore Vance
"Thunderstruck - Review, Ed Taylor
Reminiscing With An Old Tube Switcher - "Grey Behr"
9CUR Test Your Knowledge - editor
Replacing Capacitors - Ed Dupart
Memories of TV & Electronic Stores in Detroit - Ed Dupart

March 2007
The Philco High Hat Club - Bill Arnold
Rocket Crystal Radio - Ed Dupart
I Hid Under the Sheets, Growing Up With Radio - Review, Ed Taylor
A Note on Remotes - "Grey Behr"
Tube Tester Adapter for Uncommonly Based Tubes - Ed Dupart


December 2006
Fun and Games With M.P.A.T.I. - "Grey Behr"
Tube Testers - Ed Dupart
The 201A Characteristic Curve - Fred Prohl


September 2006
Kenneth Strickhaden, Dr. Frankenstein's Electrician - Dr. E. E. Taylor
Ted Rogers - an Invitation
Clapp - Eastham Restoration - Ed Dupart



June 2006
Hoosier Journalist Frederick William Wile - George Freeman
IHRS Spring Meet and Auction report - Fred Prohl
Soldering Techniques - Bill Arnold 


March 2006
"WIOU Mike Radio" - Fred Prohl 
"AK/Kiel Table Radio Restoration" - Herman Gross  
"Heathkit CR-1 Crystal Radio" - Ed Dupart


December 2005
"Persomal Portables" part II - Bill Morris
"Cadle Tabernacle" - Theodore Slutz (Dr. E. E. Taylor)
"The Jefferson Tube Rejuvenator" - Bill Arnold


October 2005 
"A Zenith 15-U-271 Restoration" - Bob Snively  
"Personal Portables" part I - Bill Morris   
"Radio Station WVOB" - Bob O'Friel


                              Previous Bulletin Topics

The Fall 2004 Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin
Delco Radio History Leading to Kokomo, Indiana" - Joseph A. Scott
The Delco-Remey Auto Radio - 1929
"Restoring a Zenith 6S27 Black Dial Radio" - Louis Moses
"Dave's Service Bench" - Dave Mantor
"Saga of the Spice Chest Radio" - Herman Gross
"Armstrong's Laboratories: National Historical Landmark" - Herman Gross

The Summer 2004 Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin
Regency TR-1 All-Transistor Radio" - Ross Smith
"My Home Made Two Tube Amp" - Bill Arnold
"Carl and Jerry" - Dave Mantor
Spring Meet Contest results and pics.

The Spring 2004 Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin


"Community Radio Station Hits Airwaves" - Bob Buttgen
"Marvin Hobbs In Memorandum" - Kent King    
"Easy Bias Resistor Calculations" - Herman Gross
Tech Tip, "Replacing the 6U5 with a 1629/VT-138" - Ed Dupart
"Those Analog Meters" - Bill Arnold
"Restoration, The Emerson Mod 31" - Bill Arnold
"8-In-Line, Codename for Superhet" - Wayne Gilbert
"Saving a Sawed-Off Grebe CR-9" - Charles Mooney

The Winter 2003 Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin
"The WNRL Tower Raising for the Indiana Historic Radio Museum"
"Old Radios Can Still Be Found"- Dave Mantor
"Replacing the 6U5/6G5/6E5 with a 1629/VT-138"- Ed Dupart
"Restoration (bakelite repair) of a Belmont 6-D-11"  - Peter Konshak
"The Farm Radio" - Ed Dupart
"Oh! Those Beautiful Insides, the Grebe CR-6" - Fred Prohl  
Greenfield Fall IHRS meet report and want ads.

The Winter 1998 Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin 
"Have You Read? ON THE AIR," a book review by
Ed Taylor, "THE STORY OF THE SHOWERS CONSOLA," by Michael Feldt, Radio Ads, and IHRS meeting schedule and news.
. . . . . . .
In the spring of 1925, the Showers Brothers Company (a furniture manufacturer in Bloomington, Indiana) ventured into the new field of radio when W. Ed. Showers, who was now at the helm of the company, began to notice that there was a growing popularity for radio tables and radio console cabinets. . . . . . . .

During the summer of 1926, a temporary laboratory was set up in on corner of the company's auditorium but, later, would be permanently moved to the south end of packing plant # 4.  Showers hired two radio engineers, Ralph Cutts and Charley Hotchkiss to work in the laboratory and develop the new radio receiver. . . . . . .


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