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Links to IHRS Member Sites:
- Plastic Radios
- Early Television
- Indiana Radios (plus)
- John & Jeans Old Radios
- Totally Tubular Radio
- Jeremy's Antique Radios

- Camden Antique
     Radio Service
- Philco Radio History

    Reference, and Repair
- Test Equipment History
     and Radio Repair
Retrotechnologist – Writings  
   on radio and vintage miscellany.

- Steve Ewbank's Antique Radios

Other popular 
 historical radio sites:

Antique Wireless Association
Antique Radio Classified
The above provide links to many
other radio sites.

Regional vintage radio and
television events.   

Michigan Antique Radio Club
 Antique Radio Club of Illinois
 Central Ohio Antique Radio
     Association COARA

Early Television Convention, OH
Radiorama, Ohio, Kentucky





IHRS Winter Meet – Lawrence Park
Saturday March 10, 2018 - 8AM to 11AM
at the Lawrence Park
Community Center - City of Lawrence
5301 N. Franklin Road (north east Indianapolis)



       For the full year schedule, check IHRS 2018 MEET SCHEDULE.


Indiana Historical Radio is documented, preserved and displayed by radio collectors and historians   Pulled together by the Indiana Historical Radio Society, antique radio enthusiasts, primarily from Indiana and surrounding states, enjoy an avocation of seeking out, documenting, and restoring vintage radios.

The Indiana Historical Radio Society ( IHRS ) is visible through the following endeavors:

Radio Meets.  The IHRS meets several times a year at different Indiana locations.  Highlights of the meetings include old radio swap meets, display and operating radio contests, auctions, and seminars. 

 The Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin.  Members contribute articles on radio repair and  historical documentation. The IHRS has been fortunate to have dedicated members who have consistently produced a Bulletin for the Society. 

 IHRS Membership.  You will find the Society members eager to talk about radio repair, locating parts, radio history, and “the one that got away.”  We frequently have our nose in a radio (and may not recognize you) but grab our attention and we become a resource in a great network of individuals dedicated to preserving radios and radio history.


Date of last update - 02/17/2018

Communication related to the Indiana Historical Radio Society may be sent to: inhistradio@gmail.com